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We are fundraising to provide girls role models

Our education curriculum includes mentors and positive female role models for the girls.

In the International Guide to Designing Sport Programmes for Girls by Women Win it states: “Girls are exposed to both positive and negative role models every day: a strong mother who stands up against domestic abuse or a female celebrity that uses her sex appeal to be popular. All of these people affect how a girl views her own potential. A girl needs to see confidence, leadership and accomplishment in other women in order to envision herself with those qualities.

A programme designed to empower girls must provide powerful, positive role models.” Our programs do this.

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In Forbes, an article title says it all:
"The Role Model Effect: Women Leaders Key To Inspiring The Next Generation". This Forbes 'World With A View' section provides a global perspective of women, business and culture.

You can view this article here: The Role Model Effect: Women Leaders Key to Inspiring the Next Generation

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